"A clever and cutting fantasy that takes modern society to task for its corruption."
- Kirkus Starred Review
"[LIFECAST] offers stellar worldbuilding and a chilling set of believable circumstances and an admirable social critique that resists becoming heavy-handed. The story is well-crafted with meticulous attention paid to intricate details and vivid imagery placed throughout. [LIFECAST] invites readers to think differently about consumer culture; the storytelling is both immersive and frightening in its familiarity."
- The Booklife Prize
"Having an immense attraction for readers with an interest in dystopian themed novels, "Lifecast" by author Marc Opsal is a simply compelling page turner of a read from cover to cover. Original, entertaining, populated with memorable characters and more plot twists than a carnival roller coaster, "Lifecast" is a deftly crafted novel -- the kind from which blockbuster movies are made!"
- Midwest Book Review
"Lifecast is a futuristic dystopian with such captivating and immersive worldbuilding I would often forget I was reading. Yeah, you heard that right."
- Words and Other Malarky
"Opsal creates a hellscape of class warfare, in which the internet of things has become the internet of people, and no one's soul is safe from getting hacked. LifeCast warns us of the brutal, often grotesque results of massive wealth inequality, and how it can render all of us something less than human. But there's no cynicism here; throughout the story, Opsal weaves evidence of our indestructible will to find humor, to be alive, and to find love in the darkness."
- Lauren Lee White, Contributor, VICE Magazine and The Guardian
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